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X-Pert Graphics XG

X-Pert Graphics XG

X-Pert Graphics(XG

X-Pert Graphics (XG) is a sophisticated, yet extremely user-friendly on-air CG and graphics manager. It lets you create different static or dynamic objects such as rolls, crawls, multi-layered simultaneous still pictures, analogue and digital clocks, animated logos etc., and save them in projects. Those could easily be used for direct broadcasting or as customised templates for future use. In addition, X-Pert Graphics has a built-in Scheduler which lets you start objects from previously created project(s) at different times.

X-Pert Graphics can run as a standalone solution or run in the background, without its front-end interface. This allows all objects and slide actions to be triggered by a third party OEM software which sends its script commands via network protocol.

X-Pert Graphics is designed to work in sync with the X-Pert Playout. This allow objects in X-Pert Graphics to be started or stopped by using the X-Pert Playout. This is achieved by inserting X-Pert Graphics Net control events in the X-Pert Playout playlist. X-Pert Graphics control can also be automated using scripts triggered by metadata condition from X-Pert Playout. The playlist metadata value from X-Pert Playout can be sent to the text objects.

X-Pert Graphics provides powerful tools for project preparation and extensive control over on-air graphics. The projects may include:

  • Adding basic effects to text, such as a shadow, border, change the color and transparency
  • Define the appearance of you objects: define in and out transition, change position, size
  • Adding stationary, crawling or rolling text, with either static or dynamic content
  • Inserting logos, pictures or animations with a wide range of supported formats
  • Items can be played once, run on a loop, etc.
  • Items can be scheduled on a daily, weekly or other basis
  • No layer limitation
  • Use simple macros to automate metadata display direct from the playlist
  • Visualize data from external data providers such as: TXT files, XML, HTML files, ODBC, Weather, RSS, Emergency alert systems
  • Create animated objects, add banners, chat boxes and so much more
  • Use video objects in your project. You can open and use a video clip in your X-Pert Graphics project or directly display a Live video source
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