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RECKEEN MVP100 plus MVPKey100RECKEEN MVP100 plus MVPKey100RECKEEN MVP100 plus MVPKey100
RECKEEN MVP100 plus MVPKey100RECKEEN MVP100 plus MVPKey100RECKEEN MVP100 plus MVPKey100

RECKEEN MVP100 plus MVPKey100


Dostępność: Zapytaj o dostępność

Koszt wysyłki: od 20 zł Dostępne formy wysyłki dla oglądanego produktu:Kurier - 20 zł

Numer katalogowy: MVP100-091

Kod producenta: Reckeen MVP100+MVPKey100

Stan produktu: Nowy

Gwarancja: Gwarancja 24 miesiące

Cena brutto: 22 072 zł

Cena netto: 17 945 zł

Ilość: szt.
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Reckeen MVP100 - Multi Video Processor 4K & Reckeen MVPKey100 - Control panel with T-Bar for MVP100


Reckeen MVP100 is an advanced video scaler that enables UHD signal (3840×2160) processing and conversion into four different high quality streams, with their resolution up to FullHD. What’s more, the product has two independent conversion channels! This allows you to connect two 4K signal sources running simultaneously and independently, which means the signal can be converted into a total of 8 3G-SDI outputs.
This solution is ideal for professionals who deal with production and broadcasting of video materials, using a variety of sources and signal types.
It is perfect to apply both on set and during events’ transmission. In addition, Reckeen MVP100 scaler is really easy to use. A complete control panel is provided with the device, and RS232 connection is used to connect it with a main device.

Reckeen MVP100 panel allows you to control multiple functions and settings on easy OSD Menu Both in the case of operators’ preferences and in many fi elds of application, it will undoubtedly be appreciated by the users due to the speed and ease of use. With such functionalities, Reckeen MVP100 with a single operator can act as almost an entire film studio. Shooting, for example, a concert may gain more dynamics and individual character. Reckeen MVP100 acts as video switcher too. All 8 virtual signals are available on Preview and Program bus of build switcher.

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