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NewTek Premium Access™ Subscription 5 Year Coupon Code

NewTek Premium Access™ Subscription 5 Year Coupon Code


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NewTek Premium Access™ Subscription 5 Year Coupon Code


Premium Functionality Without a Premium Price


NewTek Premium Access helps you to optimize the total cost of ownership of your production systems while keeping you up-to-date with the latest features.

  • Compelling and exciting tools
  • Cost-effective subscriptions
  • Immediate and easy access

Your subscription to Premium Access assures that you get the most power and flexibility out of your software-driven, live production system. You always have immediate access to the latest innovations, advanced tools, and technology updates for your NewTek production solution. 


Live Story Creator

A revolutionary approach to program automation using Microsoft Word®. It is as simple as building a script in Microsoft Word® with triggers for actions, once loaded into your NewTek live production system the show is easily executed.


Unlimited NDI® Recording*

Record from an almost unlimited number of NDI sources to disk without additional data compression.*Media is converted directly into files, stored and stamped with computer time so that everything is synchronized – making multi-cam production easier than ever before. Continuous recordings are readily available for editing and instant replay without stopping the video capture.


Digital Media Aspect Ratios & Frame Rates

Use non-standard video aspect ratios, like 9:16 and square video, for no-compromise production, along with non-standard video frame rates and resolutions for delivery to digital screens.



Design animated titles, motion graphics, and looping effects using popular Adobe® Creative Cloud®tools—then import them directly into your NewTek live production system. With the innovative LiveGraphics Creator plugin to simplify and accelerate authoring in Adobe® After Effects® CC for users of all experience levels, plus enhanced real-time system functionality allowing unprecedented customization, playback, and automation options, LiveGraphics lets you produce and present spectacular live graphics faster and easier than ever before.



Create your own software-based control panels and operate your NewTek live production system from any compatible desktop or mobile device—anywhere on the network. Easily accessible through any Web browser or operating system, LivePanel includes production-ready control panels for remote video mixing, media playback, audio mixing, and macro automation, plus the LivePanel Builder tool to design your own custom panels geared toward your unique productions and workflows.



Access the user interface of your NewTek live production system and take control from anywhere on your network. With NDI® KVM, your workspace is simultaneously output as an interactive NDI® video source. Simply launch NDI® Studio Monitor, select the source from among the available inputs and outputs, then view or run your production remotely from any compatible computer or device.


NewTek Premium Access allows you to take even greater creative control of your show—with no additional hardware. That’s the strength of NewTek’s software driven approach. Some systems may not meet the hardware requirements for this latest release and individual capabilities and combinations of capabilities will vary from model to model.

NewTek Premium Access is compatible with the following Live Productions Systems:




  • LiveGraphics
  • LivePanel
  • Advanced Audio
  • Virtual PTZ
  • Access to special LiveSet content


Premium Access A to Z


Advanced Audio I/O

Process 64+ channels of Dante™ and AES67 audio, while extracting all incoming and outgoing audio channels, including embedded SDI and NDI® to other systems


Advanced DSK Compositing

Bring DSK’s on and off screen with PGM/PST background sources using complex transition effects


As-run Logs

Retrieve a log of what clips or branding events played at what times to check operation and reconcile billing for advertising


Digital Media Aspect Ratios & Frame Rates

Use non-standard aspect ratios (such as 9:16 and square video) along with non-video frame rates for delivery to modern media screens


File Notifications

See an identifier in the user interface that provides where a file is located that is being used in a clip player



Design and import animated titles, motion graphics, and looping effects using Adobe® Creative Cloud® tools



Get the highest quality chroma keying with LiveMatte™ Ultra for virtual sets and other compositing applications on all inputs



Create software-based control panels to operate systems from desktop or mobile device—anywhere on the network


Live Story Creator

Run shows with teleprompter control and embedded production cues from scripts created in Microsoft Word®


Macro Import

Build macros off-line in Excel and import for use



Access the user interface of systems and take control from anywhere on the network with the workspace simultaneously output as an interactive NDI® video source*Requires Windows 10 operating system. Currently only available with VMC, TriCaster TC1, and TriCaster 410 Plus systems.


Per Row Bank Selection on Control Panels*

Individually select different banks of sources for each row on VMC1 control panels*Compatible only with systems capable of using VMC1 control panels


Photoshop File Conversion

Convert image files from Adobe PhotoShop for use in a clip player


Pre-Multiplied Alpha Support

Apply when using input sources that utilize pre-multiplied keying


Snapshots from Multiviewer Windows

Click on the camera icon and grab a full frame of video from any multiviewer window


Test Patterns

Generate various patterns for system testing


Unlimited NDI® Recording*

Record directly to storage from an almost unlimited number of NDI sources with no additional file compression*Total number of sources depends on network and disk performance


Video Rotation & Flipping

Rotate and flip video on all inputs and outputs for advanced compositing


Virtual PTZ

Expand shot selection by creating and accessing multiple shots from any individual video signal complete with live virtual zoom and real-time pan and scan effects


Virtual Set Library

Choose from an extended variety of simulated environments to suit various styles and brands, providing an instant professional touch that enhances the look and feel of productions


The full range of Premium Access capabilities are available for different models at different times.
The performance of individual capabilities and combinations of capabilities will vary from model to model. Subject to change without notice.

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