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ATHENSA is a next generation technology platform for channel origination and media workflows that is developing a variety of product lines and brands.

The PlayBox product line, including Channel in a Box, AirBox, TitleBox, CaptureBox, etc., is one of the product lines that we are dedicated to further develop, improve, support and distribute. Exclusion to this is CloudAir that does not fit ATHENSA’s vision about the future of Cloud technology.

All PlayBox products are supported through our global 24/7 support platform. What this means is that:

  • PlayBox clients receive quality and timely technical support;
  • You always submit your support requests (software or hardware related) in a single place, even if you decide to change your Support provider in the future;
  • You always receive the support that you have negotiated with the Business Partner you are working with;
  • You have access to not only the PlayBox, but a pool of trained and certified by ATHENSA engineers;
  • Your problems never go unnoticed and the quality of the help you receive is monitored;
  • You benefit from a support model that shortens the gap between the client and the development team.
ATHENSA’s products, including the PlayBox branded ones, are only distributed by Certified Franchisees and Business Partners (some of them former PlayBox Technology offices).
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